Welcome to Jorvik Swim Academy

About Us...

Jorvik Swim Academy is a local teaching scheme run under the ASA "Learn-to-Swim" scheme.

The academy has drawn many customers through it's exceptional ratios during classes and friendly atmosphere, which combines experienced teachers and in-water assistants currently swimming and competing who have a desire to give something back to the younger generation.

Class hours and times

The swim academy runs between 1215 and 1430 on Sundays. Terms are normally 7 weeks long and we try to line these up with school half terms as much as possible.

The swimmers are divided into classes which run at separate times, to make sure they get the best teaching experience.

Stages 1 & 2 have 45 minute lessons and stages 3 and up have a one hour lesson.

If you are unsure which stage your child is at we offer a free assessment, please just email us at enquiries@jorvikswimacademy.co.uk.

New members

Registration for term 2 (November) now open!

Get in touch with us by email at enquiries@jorvikswimacademy.co.uk.

Term Dates 2015-16

Winter 2015: term 1 & 2 dates
2x 7 week terms

  • Term 1:    13th September -- 25th October      (7 weeks)
  • Half term:   1st November,
  • Term 2:      8th November  -- 20th December  (7 weeks)

Spring 2016: term 3 & 4 dates
2x 7 week terms

  • Term 3:     10th January -- 20th March (11 weeks)
  • Half term:  27th (Easter) and 3rd April (mid break)
  • Term 4:     10th April -- 24th April (3 weeks)

Summer 2016: term 5 & 6 dates
2x 7 week terms

  • Term 5:      1st May --   12th June (7 weeks)
  • Half term: No half term,
  • Term 6:    19th June -- 31st July  (7 weeks)