About Us...

Jorvik Swim Academy is a local swimming teaching scheme in York, which follows the Swim England (formerly "ASA") Learn-to-Swim programme.

The Academy has drawn many customers through it's exceptional ratios during classes and friendly atmosphere which combines experienced teachers and in-water assistants.

Class hours and times

Jorvik Swim Academy runs between 11.45 and 14.45 on Sundays at Archbishop Holgate's School, York. Terms are normally 6-7 weeks long and we try to line these up with school half terms as much as possible.

The classes are divided into Stages 1 to 7.  Swimmers completing Stage 7 are then invited to join Team Jorvik Swimming Club.

All lessons currently run for 40 minutes with a 5 minute changeover period between sessions, with the exception of Stage 7 lessons which are an hour long.  Lessons cost £8.50 per week.

We are pleased to offer a free, no obligation trial lesson and stage assessment.  We don't expect you to sign up or pay until you are happy that we offer the right environment for your child(ren).

Please email enquiries@jorvikswimacademy.co.uk to book your free trial.


REFER A FRIEND - for each child you refer who then goes on to register with the Academy after their free trial lesson, you will receive a free lesson. There is no limit to the number of free lessons you can claim!  

Please leave a review on Google reviews or Facebook. If you leave a review on both and let us know we will give you a free Team Jorvik hat. 

Term dates

2021/22 Term Dates

Term 3: 9th January - 20th February (7 weeks £59.50)
Half-term break 27th February
Term 4: 6th March - 10th April (6 weeks £51.00)
Easter break 17th April
Term 5: 24th April - 29th May (6 weeks £51.00)
Half-term break 5th June
Term 6: 12th June - 17th July (6 weeks £51.00)

Get in touch with us by email at enquiries@jorvikswimacademy.co.uk.

Jorvik Swim Academy Mission Statement

As children grow, the experiences they have shape their characteristics and embody who they are. At Team Jorvik we work with children from learning to swim all the way to when they go off to university. Working with your children in this timeline has developed our philosophy to swimming: it is more than a life skill or a competitive sport, but an addition to your lifestyle. It teaches values like perseverance, self-discipline and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As past swimmers we all fell in love with swimming because of inspirational teachers and coaches who had the belief in us to succeed, and that is what we look for in our staff. We have the expertise and knowledge to educate your children, but we want to go the step further and to create a home for them in the water. Your children should love swimming and understand that as well as being a life skill it can be part of their daily life, We want them to fall in love with the water and be confident and comfortable in this environment. Team Jorvik is about promoting the value 'swim for life' - because swimming is so much more than a sport.

We see learning to swim as a venture into so many other aquatic based disciplines. These can include lifesaving, water polo, diving, scuba, teaching, coaching and more...this is how investing in learning to swim adds so much value to our lives compared to some other sports.

At Team Jorvik we are excited to welcome every member to our club. We hope to meet you soon and begin your child's venture with us into the world of aquatics.